Zoo Santo Inácio

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Zoo Santo Inácio is the largest and greenest zoo in Northern Portugal and is located only 10 minutes away from Porto, at Vila Nova de Gaia. With barely more than a decade of existence and more than 1 million visitors, Zoo Santo Inácio is already the reference zoo in Northern Portugal. Zoo Santo Inácio is internationally renowned by its quality and is one of the few Portuguese zoos that participates together with EAZA (European Aquarium and Zoo Association) in European programs of preservation of endangered species who live at the zoo, such as: Asiatic lion, snow leopard, Humboldt penguin, cheetah, camel, pigmy hypo, Siberian tiger, among others. The protection of wild life and the well being of our animals are the main concern of the Zoo Santo Inácio. Thus all animals live in specially conceived naturalized habitats recreating the conditions of their native area in the wild. The creation of these habitats enables them to live in the best conditions so that they show their healthy state and their genuine behaviors. The large green layouts are home to about 800 animals belonging to 260 species and provide Zoo Santo Inácio with an unique appeal.

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