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Ye Olde England Tours specialise in private guided tours around the heart of Southern England. Driven by your own personal knowledgeable guide in a comfortable new car. You will be collected from your hotel and shown a wealth of beautiful sights in this very special part of England, in comfort and at your own pace.To see ancient villages, medieval churches and cathedrals, manor houses with wonderful gardens and the enchanting English countryside. We will then return you to your Hotel at the end of the tour.You will not be part of a group with set time-frames and routes. We can also collect you from your airport/seaport, arrange your tour itineraries and accommodation and return you at the end of your tour with us or alternatively drive you to your next destination as part of a longer British or European tour. We have a number of recommended day tours but we are also happy to give you a fully tailored tour either for one day or any number of days. Whichever you choose, with 30 years experience of this unique and beautiful part of the UK, we will do our best to make your day or stay memorable. Many tourists dream of an England they barely get a chance to see but we specialise in the old and the historic. Our interests are like yours, we love our ancient sites and we want to share them with the world and give you the holiday of a life-time.

Ye Olde England Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

Queen Mary's Rose Gardens, 布莱尼姆宫, 唐宁街十号, 大本钟, 威斯敏斯特教堂, 伦敦塔桥, 特拉法加广场, 皮卡迪利广场, 考文特花园, 国会大厦, 绿园(伦敦), 纳尔逊纪念柱, 萊切斯特广场花园, 皇家骑兵卫队阅兵场, 伦敦塔, 哈特菲尔德, 奈柏华兹庄园, 休伊登庄园, 沃本修道院, 巨石阵, 艾伯里, 沃德斯登庄园, 英国皇家空军博物馆,伦敦, 伦敦博物馆, 查特韦尔楼, 温莎城堡, 华威城堡, 湖区, 福尔摩斯博物馆, 罗斯广场, 贝克街(伦敦), 伦敦东区, 旧皇家海军学院, 格林威治, 格林威治皇家天文台, 卡蒂萨克号, 弗兰德战地博物馆, 伦敦塔, 梅宁门, 泰晤士河, 汉普顿宫, 圣保罗大教堂, 威斯敏斯特主教座堂, 萨瑟克座堂, 南华园, 帝国战争博物馆, Chatsworth House, 牛津街, 西区, 哈洛德百货公司, 卡姆登市场, 博罗市场, 布里克巷, 苏豪区, 艾比路, 老肯辛顿, 布里克斯顿, 霍尔本, 克林克监狱博物馆, 老贝利街, 圣詹姆斯公园, 圣詹姆士宮, 戴安娜纪念喷泉, 白金汉宫, 海德公园, 肯辛顿宫, 皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅, 肯辛顿花园, 阿尔伯特纪念亭, 皇家马厩, 林荫路 (伦敦)

Ye Olde England Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

伦敦, 圣奥尔本斯, 剑桥, 牛津城, 朴茨茅斯, 温莎市, 埃文河畔斯特拉特福, 华威, 罗彻斯特, 查塔姆群岛, 巴斯, 沃特福德, 利物浦, 坎特伯雷

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