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Since 2006 Wayak offer a complete travel solution in Mexico. From Aiport-Hotel-Airport Transfers in Cancun and Mexico City to Tours and shuttles in 16 different cities from Mexico City all the way to Cancun. Door to door transportation, day tours and airport transfers.


墨西哥六旗乐园, 美术宫,墨西哥城, 瓜达卢佩圣母, 三种文化广场, 特拉特洛尔科, 特奥蒂瓦坎, 佐卡罗, 墨西哥大都会教堂, 科约阿坎区, 霍奇米尔科, 乔鲁拉, 改革大道, 加利巴迪广场


墨西哥城, 达斯科, 库埃纳瓦卡, 普埃布拉市

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