VISITBRUSSELS is the communication agency for tourism in the Brussels-Capital Region; its aim is to promote and strengthen the image of the capital of 500 million Europeans. Each of its departments has a specific mission: Culture and tourism: to make known the rich heritage of the city and the pleasure of living 'Brussels style' Major events: to organise or support the major festive, cultural or sports events that make Brussels a city where something is always happening Sales promotion: to motivate professionals: • tour operators, to think of Brussels as an essential destination when visiting Europe • journalists, by giving them material for fascinating articles • conference organisers, by highlighting the talent of Brussels for business tourism and by finding with them the meeting, accommodations and service locations they dream of


比利时 - 安西安娜, 原子能塔, 小于连撒尿雕像, “小欧洲”公园, 五十周年纪念公园, 乐器博物馆,布鲁塞尔, 美术宫, 布鲁塞尔市政厅, 汽車世界, 自然科学比利时馆, 哈莱门, 马格利特博物馆, 布鲁赛尔巧克力故事博物馆



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