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Our project was born on 1980. Just after a master in Philosophy, Moradei Andrea founded in collaboration with other teachers the Italian language and culture centre for foreigners Koinè. This is the starting date for all our Italian language and culture programs. In 1996 we opened the Enoteca de’ Giraldi, offering a cultural approach to Tuscan wine and food. The Enoteca was from the first moment both a wine restaurant then a point of meeting for people interested in wine tasting, cooking lessons and wine tours. In 2003 we opened the wine and food services agency Vinarium, with the aim of offering the best of our wine and food culture, and at the same time guaranteeing amusement and professionalism to our clients. Today Vinarium offers guided wine tasting in the best Florentine enotecas, cooking lessons in historical buildings and guided visits to the best Tuscan wine makers.


韦奇奥桥(旧桥), Sant'Antimo 修道院, 比萨斜塔, 奇迹广场


佛罗伦萨, 蒙达奇诺, 比萨城, 卢卡小镇

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