Vietnam Food Tour

GREETING TO VIETNAM FOOD TOUR If you not only want to see Vietnam’s spectacular sceneries, cities but participate in its life and culture; if you want to return home not just with souvenirs but with knowledge, skills that will last a lifetime; If wish to enjoy great local food, the most direct route to the heart of any culture, then one of our private culinary immersions can be the ideal adventure for you. Our Tours: We not provide a full “tasting menu” along Vietnam, our culinary tours are offered cooking classes, market outings, producer visits, home cooking demonstration, street food taste and dining experiences while get to know the cities and its can't-miss sights. The tours are designed to fit into any itinerary, from a two night weekend getaway to some-weeks multi-stops or some hours cooking class joining. You take a look at our sample packages then take the tours meeting your expectation or pick the cities you'd like to visit, the number of days and the mix of culinary and cultural activities then we open the doors to the best restaurants, schools, kitchens, street vendors… In short, you will be bringing into direct contact with authentic city life while see the world food with knowledge, skills that will last a lifetime. Our Team: We partner with the best instructors, restaurants in each city, professional chefs are adept at teaching all levels of cooking enthusiasts and home cooking are friendly and knowledgeable. Our tour leaders avoid government-designated tourist sites, commission-paying shops, driving you into local life while providing both up-to-date culinary guidance and cultural and historical perspective with a good humour, helpfulness. We are all agreeing that we are taking our friends discovering our lovely country not visitors.

Vietnam Food Tour提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

河内老城区, 河内古屋, 西湖, 湄公河三角洲, 还剑湖, 河内文庙, 总统府, 玉山寺

Vietnam Food Tour在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

河内, 胡志明市, 下龙湾

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