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Biking has to be the ultimate way to explore all of destinations. There is no better way to get close to people in the countryside or to take in the extraordinary sights, sounds and smell of the Indochina and beyond. Vietnam Bike Tours® is a recognized leader in arranging biking tours in the region since 2005. Our mountain bikes are top quality lightweight, that can be adapted according to the terrain and they come in all sizes to accommodate everyone, including children. Our biking guides are a very special bunch. Not only are they great guides but also great biking enthusiasts equally knowledgeable in bike maintenance as they are in the culture, history and geography of the country. All our bike trips are fully supported with air-conditioned back-up Van/Buses offering relief from the heat and tired leg muscles as well as carrying first aid, drinks, spares and tools. For serious mountain bikers, easy-going family tours or charity challenge events in Vietnam & beyond. is the expert.

Vietnam Bike Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

古芝地道, 独立宫 (统一宫), 战争遗迹博物馆, 西贡圣母院大教堂, 西贡歌剧院 (市剧院), 太平市场, 胡志明市天后廟, 湄公河三角洲

Vietnam Bike Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

胡志明市, 大叻, 芽庄, 凯比县, 美托, 顺化, 沙巴, 会安, 河内, 下龙湾

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