Victoria Tour

Victoriatour and General Commercial Company Limited (or Victoriatour) was established in 2009. After a short time Victoriatour joined the market, Victoriatour has become one of the best tourist agencies in Vietnam. Every year, Victoriatour is proud that we have provided more than 500,000 tourists with various high-quality tours which satisfied with demand of each tourist. Initiating with a small office in Hanoi capital, Victoriatour has expanded rapidly with a wide range of representa-tive offices around Vietnam and all over the world. Currently, there are 50 officers who are working for Victoriatour with experiences, creativity and high motivation in serving our tourists with best services. Moreover, Victoriatour has entered to other sectors such as accommodation services, restaurants, interpreting and translating services, travel media with the target that our tourists can “enjoy the life”. As Victo- riatour always put priority to customer’s satisfication, expectation and belief, Victoriatour’s services and products are trusted by our clients and customers in all sectors.

Victoria Tour提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

还剑湖, 胡志明纪念堂, 独柱寺, 河内文庙, 玉山寺, 河內博物馆, 独立宫 (统一宫), 战争遗迹博物馆, 西贡圣母院大教堂, 西贡中央邮局, 曼谷大皇宫, 郑王庙, 湄南河, 忙花市, Klongs运河, 暹罗天使剧院, 旧国会大厦, 維曼默宮, 大金佛,曼谷, 泰国玉佛寺, 吉姆汤普森之家, 苏安·帕凯德宫, 曼谷国家博物馆, 皇家驳船国家博物馆, 大城

Victoria Tour在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

河内, 胡志明市, 曼谷, 台北

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