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After living abroad for many years (Russia, Germany, the UK), we have finally settled in Rome. We had worked in the tourism industry for quite long, then we decided to start our own tour company. We are in love with Rome and want to share this passion with you: we will suggest you the best places to have a coffee or tiramisu, show you nice areas to hang out and recommend you good – and not touristy! – restaurants in the city center. Turtle Tour offers group, private and custom segway tours of Rome in multiple languages. All tour guides are locals or expats that have been living in Rome for many years. We offer insider tips so you can make the most of your visit and get the opportunity to see Rome from a local’s perspective. We use the brand new Airwheel S5. This electric scooter is easy to maneuver, stable and extremely safe. Our experienced guides start each tour with a 15-minutes training session to ensure you are comfortable using the segway. Languages: English, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, French or Spanish Our guided Rome segway tours are the best way to explore the unique sights and attractions of the Eternal City and discover Rome’s true character.

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梵蒂冈城, 圣彼得大教堂, 先贤祠, 特雷维喷泉, 纳沃纳广场, 卡比托利欧山, 四河喷泉, 威尼斯广场, 维托里亚诺, 罗马鲜花广场, 罗马犹太区, 台伯河, 哈德良神庙, 马泰广场, 古罗马广场, 斗兽场, 西班牙大台阶, 图拉真柱, 帕拉蒂尼山, 圣天使城堡, 圆形竞技场, 波波罗广场, 真理之口, 和平祭坛博物馆, 银塔广场, 圣母大殿, 特拉斯提弗列, 鲍格才别墅, 阿文蒂诺山, 平乔山

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