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OMAKASE(おまかせ) is a Japanese word that means "entrust". It's used mainly in Japanese restaurants, where customers might say "おまかせお願いします" (omakase onegaishimasu), which you could also translate as "Chef, I'm in your hands". When they say this, they are asking the chef to select and prepare food for them in a manner of his choice. The chef also decides how much to charge. This usually results in a very good meal at a reasonable price as the chef will feel obliged to cook a worthy meal out of the freshest foods he has, to reward and retain a valued customer's trust in him. Our travel site "OMAKASE" was made by following this culture. This site offers the Japanese charm like history, traditional culture, food, manga, animation, etc. that the professional of tervel in Japan chose for the travelers visiting Japan by the shape as a tour and an experience. Enjoy "Japan" that professional of Japanese travel chose to your heart's content !

Trip Designer提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

根津神社, 银座, 原宿区, 浅草寺, 明治神宫, 雷门, 浅草神社

Trip Designer在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

东京, 镰仓市, 千叶县, Narita, Matsuzaki, 札幌市

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