Tour of Sicily by Tradizione Turismo 30评论

Tradizione Turismo is a young, dynamic company that works in the Sicilian incoming tourism market. It was created in 2001, by the project of Vincenzo Ciceraro and Valeria Gulotta, two qualified travel agent’s technical directors. They based the head office in Palermo - Via Generale Sirtori, 25. The company, enhanced by the managers’ 20 years long experience, immediately enlarged their business volume beyond every expectation. The staff’s precision and reliability contributed in making the work of Tradizione Turismo very successful. Tradizione Turismo makes a special effort in selecting and having deals with the most reliable and professional suppliers (bus companies, hotel chains, restaurants etc.). This drive your clients to have suitable services. Tradizione Turismo is a tour operator specialized in escorted tours and all possible customized solutions. The company had the pleasure to provide their services to its clientele who, thanks to the work of Tradizione Turismo, still has a inerasable memory of their journey in Sicily. The perspective of growing is really concrete: partnership with some of the most dynamic companies that work in the Sicilian tourism field, guarantee a bright future not only for Tradizione Turismo but for the whole Sicilian tourism market. Tradizione Turismo is a company with a Full Travel Agency Licence Nr. 996/VII/Tur - Sicily released by the Sicilian tourism board. The Iata code is IATA TIDS 96 27583 0. Plus we are Allied Asta Member Company: 900166379.

Tour of Sicily by Tradizione Turismo提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

埃特纳火山, 神殿之谷, 巴勒莫大教堂, 四首歌广场, 嘉布遣地下墓穴

Tour of Sicily by Tradizione Turismo在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

墨西拿, 巴勒莫, 锡拉库扎, 阿格里真托, 陶尔米纳, 蒙雷阿莱, 切法卢, 埃里切, 塞杰斯塔, 科莱奥内, 皮亚扎-阿尔梅里纳, 卡塔尼亚, 圣阿勒西奥西库洛

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