Tour Guide Hanoi

Xin chao :) Hello, welcome to Hanoi, a millennium-old capital of crumbling pagodas and labyrinthine streets existed a thousand years. Hanoi is known as a city for peace, you will find here busy urban developments mixing with the French architecture buildings, boulevard streets, beautiful lakes and smiling, friendly Hanoian. My name is Anh, I was born and raised in Hanoi and I eyes-witness the high speed changing in my beloved city. I am a professional English-speaking tour guide and have experience of showing small group people around Hanoi and its surroundings. I would love to sharing with you all of what I know about it. I've been guiding for more than 10 years so i know all local suppliers here very well and i could assure you that i could help you get the most reliable and reasonable local partners to make your holiday in Vietnam more enjoyable. Besides i am very honest man and I easily customize your requests and adapt your need with professional manner. My service is guiding, translator, shopping assistant, business arranged , car rental, air ticket booking and other travel services. Any question about Hanoi and Vietnam, please contact me at any time. You arrange your private tour directly with me. We plan the tour together based on your interests, time and budget. Much of your tour can be planned in advance of arrival in Vietnam (email & telephone if necessary), but the biggest advantage is that we can make last minute arrangements or changes to your tour. A 50% deposit for my guide services will be sufficient to allow for planning for any number of days you wish to use my tour guide service while you travel in Vietnam. Most of tour needs such as hotels, transportation, meals, entrance fees, etc. will be your responsibility as the tour progresses. No advance fees are normally required except for transportation, such a car or van with driver; and deposit for my services. Most agencies require 24 hour notice for a refund. Some cancellations/changes such as vehicle rental require 24 hour notice before the tour is scheduled to begin. NOTE: TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT, BEFORE MAKING A BOOKING, PLEASE DO CONTACT ME TO CHECK MY AVAILABILITY FIRST.

Tour Guide Hanoi提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

还剑湖, 胡志明纪念堂, 西湖, 独柱寺, 镇国寺, 火炉监狱, 河内文庙, 河内老城区, 河內博物馆, 青泉寺, 河内古屋

Tour Guide Hanoi在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

河内, 下龙湾

% 1 组织的旅游活动