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Welcome to Thistle Knights Tours we run a different type of ghost tour from all others in Edinburgh. We are the first tour company to let the members of the public try and find a ghost using paranormal equipment. This is done on our Discover Edinburgh Ghosts Investigation Tour which has been featured on STV Edinburgh 30th October 2015. We try our hardest to contact any of the said many ghosts that haunt the areas we go into. So not only do you hear the ghost stories but also try to find them. After working for over 30 years in this field i thought it would be fun for other people to give this a go, and see what they can find. Not only do we help you look for the ghost but we tell you how to use the equipment and tell you the different types of ghost that can haunt an area you are in. If you are brave enough we let you sit where a woman was attacked by a ghost we also let you stand in the area where people have been known to be scratched. We show you the equipment in use then set you off to find the ghost yourself on one part of the tour. We are the first to try this so if you want to be a ghost adventure like Zak and the rest then join us on this tour The company deals in all things paranormal and does private investigations as well as tours. We also give advice on the paranormal field.

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Greyfriars 教堂, 皇家大道, 格莱菲墓园, 爱丁堡旧城区, 利斯 (愛丁堡)

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