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The Rembrandt House Museum is the house where Rembrandt lived and worked between 1639 and 1658. Based on an inventory of the time, the house has been redecorated with furniture, art and objects dating from the 17th century. In the museum there are daily demonstrations of etching and painting that show you the way he worked in that period of time. There is also a continual workshop giving you the opportunity to do your own etching in Rembrand's student studio. The museum owns the virtually complete and world famous collection of Rembrandt's etchings, and part of this collection is permanently shown in our exhibition gallery. In addition, there are frequent temporary exhibitions showing work of predecessors and contemporaries, and modern and current works of art in the new wing of the museum.

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伦勃朗故居, 阿姆斯特丹博物馆

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