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Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris is one of Southern Africa’s leading tour operators. Our wide range of Guided Holidays and Day Tours along with limitless Tailor-made Travel options offer innovative, authentic and competitively priced experiences with service levels that exceed expectation. Owned by Cullinan Holdings Limited, one of South Africa’s leading public companies Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris is a valued member of SATSA, SAACI and TASA.

Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

桌山, 博开普博物馆, 好望堡, 开普点, 好望角, 科斯滕布什植物园, 企鹅滩, 罗德纪念馆, 豪特湾, 科斯湾, 海豹岛, 克鲁格国家公园, 十二使徒岩, 阿奎拉野生动物保护区, 齐齐卡马自然公园, 维多利亚阿尔弗雷德海滨, 两大洋水族馆

Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

开普敦, 伊丽莎白港, 斯泰伦博斯, 弗朗斯胡克, 约翰内斯堡, 德班, 克尼斯纳, 索韦托

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