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SOVTRAVEL club (Travel Club Sovetsky Ltd.) is a modern Russian company which sets a goal to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for tourists visiting Russia. We will arrange your trip in a way you like, from planning details of your route to showing you the attractions of your choice. Our staff, a team of highly qualified professionals, has been successfully working in the area of international tourism for many years. Travel Club Sovetsky Ltd is a responsible and customer oriented company, as well as Bank Sovetsky, which is one of the most successfully developing retail banks in Russian Federation; insurance company Sovetsky is a successful and reliable agent in insurance market; Invest-Prime-Sovetsky is a company which works in stock market and investment. You can rely on SOVTRAVEL club a trustworthy and competent agent. We conduct our business in accordance with Russian laws and with international tourism service standards.

SOVTRAVEL club提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

基督喋血大教堂, 圣以撒大教堂, 费伯奇博物馆, 埃尔米塔日博物馆, 冬宫, 涅夫斯基大街, 彼得保罗要塞, 丰坦卡河, 总参谋部大楼, 海上交易所和罗斯特拉灯塔柱, 喀山主教座堂

SOVTRAVEL club在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

圣彼得堡, 圣彼得堡

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