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We are specialist in day tours and shore excursions in the port of Cadiz, South of Spain. We provide guided tours, shuttle buses for small groups and private tours. Our team offers the best hand-picked certified local guides of the area. We hold the ability to make your stay truly memorable and safe, based on a solid 7 years experience working with cruise-ships. Save on cruise ship prices and gain in quality tours with small groups that ensure personal approach, attention and sightseeing at your pace.

Sights and Bikes Day Tour提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

阳光海岸, 塞维利亚王宫, 塞维利亚大教堂, 吉拉尔达塔, 托雷戴尔奥罗, 玛丽亚路易莎公园, 皇家城堡, 特里亚纳社区, 圣克鲁斯邻里区, 西班牙广场, Maestranza斗牛场

Sights and Bikes Day Tour在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

加的斯, 赫雷斯德拉弗隆特拉, 塞维利亚

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