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Enjoy the Barcelona experience from a new perspective. Leave it to us to guide and inform you of all you would want to know on your visit whilst gliding effortless on one of our fleet of high tech, easy handling, self balancing electrical personal transporters(Segway). You can choose which tour adapts better to your travel plan and book the time of your preference to ensure a fun activity with us. Our strategic location near historic monument Arc de Triomf is optimal for an introduction to cultural details of this charming city. Night tours are also great fun!! Have a fun glide today!

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巴塞罗那哥特区, 巴塞罗内塔, 兰布拉大道, 巴塞罗那凯旋门, 加泰罗尼亚政府宫, 奥林匹克港, 拉巴尔社区, 巴塞罗那港口, 加泰罗尼亚大道, W酒店(巴塞罗那), 城堡公园, 哥伦布纪念碑, 旧港, Passeig de Lluís Companys, 蒙锥克公园, 贝尔港, 魔术喷泉, 加泰罗尼亚国家艺术博物馆

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