Schöne Heimat

SCHÖNE HEIMAT - a culinary exploration of Berlin & Beyond Explore the German culinary heritage of seasonal and regional vegetable, fish and meat dishes, fruit desserts, as well as learning about herbs, their healing powers and cultivation of organic gardening since the 1920s. Native German cook Kit Schulte will take you on a culinary journey beginning in the morning shopping one of the most famous farmers markets in Berlin, the Winterfeldtmarket. You will enjoy delicious bites of Berlin history, shop local farmers’ stalls for fresh organic greens, local fish and meats. Then just steps from the market you will end in Kit’s home kitchen to prepare and enjoy a typical German lunch dish of the season. Bratwurst, Currywurst, knuckle of pork, meats with cabbage and potatoes are part of a typical German cuisine that exists in certain regions and can be most wonderful. Kit will also guide you through an exploration of fresh, healthy and a delicious take on German cuisine, the regional nuances and the influences from the neighboring European countries. If you are tired of the regular tourist attraction tour and like food and cooking, then this is a unique experience with a very authentic and private look into Berlin culinary lifestyle. And what means Schöne Heimat ? There is no exact English translation, but it means beauty of home, or a home where your heart is.

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