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Best Local Guides of the Year 2013 London based international tour operator “ExpatExplore” awarded the Austria Guides Walter SCHINDL & Andrea SCHWAIGER the certificate of excellence for their local guiding in Vienna. Out of the more than 10.000 guests welcomed on different European tour routes some 3.000 visited Vienna. According to their overwhelming response Walter and Andrea are awarded “Best Local Guides of the Year”. We are a small group of independent Tourist Guides specializing on Walks. We meet you at your hotel within city limits and use public transportation where necessary. Depending on the topic our tours last 3 to 4 hrs. We also can arrange tours by private car/van or a mix of driving- and walking-tours.

SCHINDL Local Services提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

卡伦贝格, 维也纳圣斯蒂芬大教堂, 霍夫堡皇宫, 维也纳市政厅, 奥地利议会大厦, 城堡剧院, 美泉宫花园, 维也纳美泉宫, 圣查尔斯教堂(卡尔教堂), 美景宫, 维也纳国家歌剧院, 英雄广场, 维也纳葛拉本, 科马克大道, 西班牙骑术学校, 戒指街, 普拉特, 卡尔广场, 纳旭市场

SCHINDL Local Services在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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