Rustar Floating Restaurant was established in 2007 and is part of the Rustar Group which consists of Rustar Real Estate, Rustar Tourism, Seven Seas Yachts and Boats Rental and Al Bayan Cargo To date, Rustar Floating Restaurant has served over 50,000 guests, each one given the same 1st class treatment you can expect from Rustar. Rustar, one of the world's largest floating restaurants, is designed to give you all the elements that constitute a memorable evening. As you drift along the creek and watch the breath taking skyline pass you by in our spacious, air-conditioned luxury, our friendly staff will ensure your night is cheerful and cozy. Our full service bar and delicious 5 star hotel food (catered by the MOVEN PICK Hotel) accompany live entertainment and Henna painting as you relax amongst expertly handcrafted teak decorations. Celebrate a romantic evening up on our open seated, air conditioned decks with your loved one, or let your hair down at a party, be it a wedding, birthday or corporate occasion; our offer of a full package for events and special occasions plus our capacity for 397 people will ensure your party is a memorable one! We have three separate decks that accommodate different occasions, so you will always be placed in the right atmosphere that suits your desired evening. Our luxurious dhow has recently been renovated with teak wood to give a unique Arabian flare so that you really can see Dubai how we feel it should be seem. Finishing touches such as the rock waterfall compliment the elegant furnishing and luxurious onboard comfort and style. Furthermore, you can cruise in confidence knowing that our state of the art navigation and safety systems will keep you safe and steady as you drift on by.


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