Rual Travel LTD -, established in 1991, is a Tour Operator specialized in organizing guided tours, cultural trips and individual holidays in Bulgaria and all over Europe. Our packages are made to satisfy the most fastidious taste. Bulgaria is a beautiful country rich on historical, architectural and cultural landmarks, on traditions and customs, country with astonishing and diverse nature. Our cultural trips will give our customers the opportunity to discover Bulgaria’s different faces and to become familiar with its neighbors – Turkey, Greece, Romania, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia which our country shares common historical fate with. Our trips are created with great diligence and by making a gradation of sites and attractions included in the programs, we integrate in the whole trip one main theme that is present in all visits in the program. We have highly qualified staff and excellent tour guides, who love their job and provide full information about the history of our country, the traditions and the customs of the visited regions and inform the tourists about everything that could be needed and helpful. Your tourists will return to your countries satisfied and full of new impressions. In our web site you will find the whole information for Bulgaria you need – history, geography, culture, traditions of the country, cuisine, landmarks, cities and villages of Bulgaria, mountain, SPA and Black sea resorts. Here you will also find a lot of practical information such as museum’s opening hours, addresses of the Bulgarian embassies, official holidays in Bulgaria and a general information for Bulgaria’s neighboring countries – Turkey, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. In our web site you also have an access to the biggest on-line reservation system for hotels in Bulgaria. When you click on the red button “Online hotel Reservation. Promotions and Hotel deals” up on the right in the home page of the site, you can find anything you look for including promotions and special offers for the hotels for the certain period. We are at Your disposal to offer the best prices for any other tourist services – group and individual reservations for hotels in our ski resorts, on the Black sea’s coast, in our SPA resorts and of course in our cities; transfers; rent-a-car; tour guides and interpreters in the language of your choice; VIP services for business people; planning and organizing any type of business meetings – congresses, conferences, seminars, team building etc.; summer camps for children and young people on the coast or in the mountains, tailor made journeys for groups and individual tourists.

RUAL TRAVEL提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

Alexander Nevsky 大教堂, 博雅纳教堂

RUAL TRAVEL在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


% 1 组织的旅游活动