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We are a small local Segway Company aiming to offer the most personalized and high-quality service for you to enjoy Rome! Don't wait your last day in Rome to try the segway, book a tour now! Or come to see us just at your arrival in the city, have a free trial and then choose what you would like to do: walk, rent a segway indipendently, book a tour or think a bit more about it. The Segway is an innovative means of transport, ecological, silent and linked to the human being... it allows you to go up steep slopes without fatigue and whizz down breathtaking descents with peace of mind...all you need to do is play around with your body position: leaning forwards, the segway will go forwards, leaning backwards, the segway slows down and stops. And when you stop, it's magical, the segway stay up by its own, it's self-balanced! Visiting Rome by Segway is one of the easiest, the fastest and the most fun ways to visit it. And the best part is that the segway is not considered as a vehicle, so you are allowed to go anywhere with it, on the bike ways, on the pedestrian areas, on the sidewalks... to the more intimate and secret streets of the historical Center. You can choose to rent our segways independently. But, you can also choose one or more of our guided tours: The Imperial Rome threw the road of the Triumph, the Papal Rome, the tour of the squares and fountains (the Water Queen Tour), Trastevere, the romantic and popular neighbourhood, or all the city with the Roman Highlights Tour. We also invite you to talk to us about what you wish to see and we will propose a customized circular tour just for you! It's easy to reach us from anywhere, we are right in the center of the Eternal City: on Piazza del Gesu, 2 min walking from Piazza Venezia. Piazza del Gesu is a large square, a large pedestrian area where you will be trained by our team to ride the segway and where you can practice as long as you want, till you feel totally comfortable to whizz threw the streets of the city. Although it takes only 5 minutes to learn it, it's easy as drinking a glass of water! If you try you will love it, people usually say that it is so easy and so fun, that it is the best time they spent in Rome, a real unforgettable experience! To use a segway, there is no real age limit, but a weight limit. You should weight minimum 40 kg (88lbs) or maximum 120kg (265lbs). For more details: please visit our website.

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斗兽场, 卡比托利欧山, 圆形竞技场, 威尼斯广场, 真理之口, 卡拉卡拉浴场, 特拉斯提弗列, 越台伯河的圣母大殿, 圣塞西莉亚教堂, 加尼库乐姆山, 法尔内西纳别墅, 台伯岛, 台伯河

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