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I am a French licenced tour guide since 1989 and I have an art history degree in the Louvres' school in Paris. I was an art history teacher for many years. I also used to work for the US embassy in Paris where I guided a lot of VIP visitors around France. Working for a lot of tour operator like the club med. The dimension of the French Riviera ¨figure today among the privileged destinations of the tourists of the whole world thanks to the irreproachable quality of reception which it holds for its million visitors. As a tourism professional in this region, I've committed myself to guaranteeing a high level of service, at the right price, to ensure tourists continue to come to the beautiful French Riviera, and continue to expect the highest levels of service from their guides. also; very important . . all my tours are not fixed. we can make some changes if you wish. "On your own!!" My philosophy is that you spend a very good time with me. . . . .

Riviera Discovery Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

蒙特卡洛赌城, 摩纳哥亲王宫, 摩纳哥之石, 埃兹, 尼斯内格雷斯科

Riviera Discovery Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

尼斯, 戛纳, 伊兹, 昂蒂布, 摩纳哥, 圣特罗佩, 马赛, 文堤米利亚, 圣雷莫, 格拉斯

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