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Rent-a-Guide is a private tour company ,founded in 1985.The company has been recognized for its Private car tours, daily and weekly group tours. Rent-a-Guide is one of the leading companies in its field and received twice the award for excellency by the Israeli Ministry of tourism.The company owns a fleet of luxury vehicles. Our guides are all professinal and government licensed.Among our clients are travel agencies, leading commercial firms,government offices and private clients. We are looking forward to welcoming you to a RENT-A-GUIDE tour.


耶路撒冷基督徒区, 哭墙, 圣墓教堂, 橄榄山, 耶路撒冷旧城, 维亚多勒罗沙, 犹太区 (耶路撒冷), 大卫王之墓, 锡安山, Cardo, 耶路撒冷亚美尼亚区, 大屠杀纪念馆, 圣母升天修道院, 最后的晚餐室, 圆顶清真寺, 神殿山, 伯利恆, 迦百农, 鸽子洞, 大犹太教堂,特拉维夫, 特拉维夫港, 梅阿谢阿里姆, 探望教堂, 斯科普斯山, 雅法


耶路撒冷, 特拉维夫, 凯撒利亚

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