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Founded in 1892, the family-owned Red and White Fleet is legendary for its breathtaking San Francisco Cruises. Sail under the Golden Gate and around Alcatraz aboard our 1-hr Golden Gate Bay Cruise – a San Francisco original narrated in 12 languages. Or enjoy amazing sunsets and appetizers aboard our relaxed 2-hr California Sunset Cruise. Our new 90-min SF Explorer Cruise is an amazing way to discover San Francisco's unique natural history, architecture, and Native American culture on a sailing route that promises spectacular views! All of Red and White Fleet's cruises depart from Pier 43½ in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf.

Red and White Fleet提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

恶魔岛, 金门大桥, 北部沙滩, 39 号码头, 旧金山湾, 克理斯场中心, 海德街码头, 水上公园, 马林岬角, 天使岛国家公园, 渔人码头, 旧金山海湾大桥, AT&T 体育场, 旧金山要塞, 泛美金字塔, 科伊特塔, 金门公园, 双子峰, 吉拉德里广场, 艺术宮剧院, 市政中心广场 (旧金山), 诺布山共济会中心, 缆车(旧金山), 联合广场 (旧金山), 海港区(旧金山), 旧金山圣彼得和保罗教堂, 阿拉莫广场, 旧金山唐人街, 彩绘仕女, 嬉皮区 Haight-Ashbury, USS Pampanito潜艇, 穆尔森林国家纪念碑, 罐头工厂

Red and White Fleet在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

旧金山, 纳帕谷, 索诺玛

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