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Pyrene Spanish & Leisure organizes daily tours for small groups (8 people maximum) in Barcelona city and other interesting destinations in the regions of Catalonia and Aragón. We focus on taking care of our clients and showing them the main touristic places and monuments but also the hidden curious things that are not usually in the average tours. We also organize stays of several days in Aragón where our clients will discover natural paradises, historic-artistic sites and many more things worth the be seen at least once in a lifetime. We take care of the acommadation, meals, visits for our clients not to worry about anything.

Pyrene Spanish & Leisure Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

巴塞罗那毕加索博物馆, 巴特罗公寓, 古埃尔宫, 古埃尔公园, 米拉之家(拉佩德雷拉), 巴塞罗那纪念斗牛场, 高迪故居博物馆, 圣家族大教堂, 格拉西亚大道, 蒙特塞拉特山, 蒙特塞拉特修道院, 圣保罗医院, 阿马特耶之家, 巴塞罗那哥特区, 巴塞罗那大教堂, 国王广场, 海洋圣母圣殿, 松树广场, 波恩区, 科洛尼亚古埃尔, 兰布拉大道, 加泰罗尼亚大道, 海岸区, 巴塞罗那桑特斯火车站, 埃克萨潘, 西班牙广场

Pyrene Spanish & Leisure Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

巴塞罗那, 菲格雷斯, 赫罗纳, 艾因萨

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