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Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas, Inc. opened in Las Vegas October 2001 to rave reviews. We saw a great opportunity to create a tour product in Las Vegas that was unique: With most ground tours companies using 50 passenger buses or 15 passenger vans, Pink Jeep Tours - Las Vegas, Inc. wanted to offer a "small group experience" in luxury off road vehicles to access areas inaccessible to most. What sets us apart from other tour operators? • Our tours are small and personalized, seating only 6-8 guests per vehicle on each tour. • We are one of the few local tour companies to hold off-road permits, allowing us to travel to remote areas inaccessible to most. •W e own the largest fleet of luxury off-road vehicles in Las Vegas: logo'ed and pink... of course! • We have an impeccable reputation in the industry. And excellent customer service. Las Vegas was ready for a new tour product but what really contributes to our success is our tour guides. Our Las Vegas office trains and employs the largest company of professional tour guides around, some bilingual in Spanish, German, and Italian. We conduct a 6 week comprehensive training program for our guides on safety, driving techniques, area information, Native American history, flora, fauna, and geology. Every Pink Jeep Tours guide is certified in first aid and CPR.

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死亡谷, 科罗拉多大峡谷, 米德湖, 科罗拉多河, 红石峡谷国家保护区, 拉斯维加斯大道, 卡力科山, 胡佛水坝绕道桥, 胡佛水坝, 贝拉吉奥喷泉, 金银当铺, 弗锐曼街大体验, 疯狂转轮, 拉斯维加斯维加斯婚礼教堂, 欢迎来到绚丽的拉斯维加斯招牌, 大峡谷西缘, 火山喷发秀, 齐格弗里德和罗伊的秘密花园和海豚栖息地

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