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PerfectPortugal is a Portuguese tourism company with an international scope specialized in the incoming and high quality services. We are a DMC part of a well-established group with several synergies, with offices in Lisbon, Luanda, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong. Our key markets are the Middle East and Asia, where we are present. Our organization is capable of overcoming the highest customer expectations. One of our priorities is to provide each customer a unique and excellent service based on our professionalism, experience and partnerships. We are specialized in Corporate Travel, Executive & Luxury Chauffer Service and Tours. Our Mission Is to provide all the necessary conditions so that you enjoy the best, most authentic and unique experiences Portugal has to offer.


佩纳宫, 摩尔人城堡, 塔霍河, 辛特拉宫, 埃尔瓦什区, 雷加莱拉宫, 伦塔, 热罗尼莫斯修道院, 阿尔法玛, 万国公园, 发现者纪念碑, 贝伦, 杜罗河, 赛哈外斯基金会


里斯本, 辛特拉, 卡斯凯斯, Fatima, 奥比多斯, 纳扎雷, 阿尔科巴萨, 阿威罗, 埃武拉, 波尔图

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