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Pat Liddy's Walking Tours offers an extensive variety of award winning walking tours through the various historical areas in Dublin. The tours offer you a unique and memorable experience of where Dublin has come from and where it is now. Dublin City has a 2000 year old history that spans from the celts to the modern day, and the streets are alive with this history. What better way to experience this living history than by walking through the streets of the city guided by expert knowledge and insight? These tours will bring you to places of interest rarely seen by the average tourist.

Pat Liddy's Walking Tours of Dublin提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

都柏林古堡, 基督大教堂, 圣殿酒吧, 圣巴特利大教堂, 圣三一学院, 格拉夫顿街, 都柏林市政厅, 奥康奈尔街, 利菲河, 健力士黑啤展览馆, 圣米尚教堂, 霍斯, 邓莱里, 都柏林港区, 切斯特·比替图书馆, 爱尔兰国会大厦

Pat Liddy's Walking Tours of Dublin在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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