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PARIS BUS SERVICE was started in 1987 and was one of the leading minibus tour company in Paris. It became part of PARIS TRIP in 2003. It is now a trademark of PARIS TRIP which is one of the major Paris's sightseeing company. Paris' Trip was established in 1997 and offer one of the widest range of scheduled sightseeing tours, as well as Private Tours and Private Airport Transfers. Tours are guided and are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese and French. We run our tours in our own fleet of Deluxe air-conditioned vehicles to discover Paris, French Provinces, and some European Cities. Come explore the French WWI and WWII Battlefields, join us for a guided Tour of the Louvre Museum or Versailles Palace or simply wander and relax in the gardens of Claude Monet's Home in Giverny. At the end of the day come enjoy Paris at Night and choose from our selection of Evening Tours option. At Paris' Trip, we have what you need to make the most of your trip to Paris. If you're looking for a tour including complimentary transfers from and back to your hotel, then choose from the PARIS TRIP selection of Tours. If you prefer to come to our agency to depart for your tour and benefit from competitive rates, then select one of the tours offered by PARIS BUS SERVICE. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Paris.

Paris Bus Service提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

艾菲尔铁塔, 塞纳河, 凯旋门, 凡尔赛宫, 奥赛美术馆, 橘园美术馆, 尼辛德卡蒙多博物馆, 卢浮宫博物馆, 圣礼拜堂, 巴黎圣母院大教堂, 巴黎音乐博物馆, 文森城堡, 饰艺术博物馆, 先贤祠,巴黎, 巴黎古监狱, 巴黎毕加索博物馆, Palais de la Découverte, 巴黎犹太艺术与历史博物馆, 巴黎下水道博物馆, 赎罪礼拜堂, 巴黎建筑与遗产城, 巴黎圣母院的考古地下室, 红磨坊, 蒙马特, 香榭丽舍大道, 旺多姆广场, 荣军院, 特罗卡德罗, Palais Garnier - 巴黎歌剧院, 协和广场, 卢克索方尖碑, 卢浮宫

Paris Bus Service在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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