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We are Jimmy Napoli and Ted Kemm, both third generation New Yorkers and Manhattan natives. We are also the founders of Outside In Tours. We started Outside In Tours with one goal in mind: Connecting travelers with simply the most experienced, entertaining, and informative tour guides in New York. A tour is only as good as your guide, and we are confident we offer some of the best guides and some of the most informative tours available anywhere in the world. We have worked with all of our guides for many years, and they are not only our friends and respected colleagues, but also our family. At Outside In, we don't just show you the sights that make our city great; we bring history to life with fascinating stories about the people, past and present who have defined New York through the centuries. We will explain the subway, offer reccommendations for restaurants, and help with all things New York. By the end of the day, you will be able to get around like a local, enhancing your New York experience throughout your stay. We only offer private tours, to ensure every tour is tailored to our customer's needs. Welcome to Outside In Tours!

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