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TEAMWORK AND HARMONY: OPENTOURS started its business in 2003 in New York City as the tour company of choice of major European tour operators. OPENTOURS is a flexible and diversified tour company focused on improving a broad category of leisure travel solutions. The team of specialists working at OPENTOURS come from several European Countries, the US, South America, Asia with work experience in European and American Receptive Tour Operator. ORIGINAL TOURS: Headquartered in New York, Miami and Bangkok - and operating its own GPS monitored fleet of vehicles - the company has rapidly branded itself as an innovator in the area of unique sightseeing attractions, as well as all types of ground services, aspiring to emerge as one of the most original tour and travel companies receptive to new ideas and challenging programs adaptable to an ever-growing demand for new trends. OVER 200,000 GUESTS SERVED Our solid track record of consistently outperforming our benchmark of quality, trustworthiness and creativity, clearly indicates that we have more than what it takes to transform a seemingly standard sightseeing tour into a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. Both our philosophy and mission are the product of cultural adaptability to fit new circumstances through a concerted effort to better plan and execute our tour programs. As an example, we single-handedly get out of any comfort zone in order to constantly strive to offer a different experience by scouting locations, train our client driven tour guides and resorting to a highly motivated team. This willingness to never stop learning and improving on existing product lines, as well as this shared belief in exchanging ideas, marks a key difference between our services and those of our competitors. Providing quality services to America’s best with valuable partners, we have now expanded to include all major US cities. Currently we offer a wide variety of services that especially cater to the German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese markets. We are proud to offer our clients an innovative and personalized travel experience, the result of teamwork and harmony towards the same goals: QUALITY TRUST ENTHUSIASM PERSONALIZED SERVICE AND MORE TO COME!


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