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OnBoard Tours New York has been the highest rated bus tour company in New York City and Washington DC for the past five years on TripAdvisor.com. OnBoard Tours New York is proud to be a 2010 Concierge Choice Awards Winner. The company has been built on the concept of doing it better, not by doing it cheaper. To compete on price, most businesses cut corners. OnBoard Tours does not believe in that strategy. We provide European-style tours – more intimate, higher quality, and more personalized service. Our tour guides hop off the bus with you and bus waits for you. We also utilize smaller vehicles that yield smaller groups, which in turns ensures better tour guide to guest ratio. Our drivers and guides are licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs and Department of Transportation, and we also have the Highest Safety Rating (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission).

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中央公园, 时代广场, 曼哈顿天际线, 峭石之巅观景台, 圣保罗小教堂, 史泰登岛渡轮, 洛克菲勒中心, 911 纪念碑, 克莱斯勒大厦, 纽约华尔街, 熨斗大厦, 格林威治村, 纽约港, 布鲁克林大桥, 埃利斯岛, 纽约天空之旅, 特朗普大厦, Madina Masjid, 纽约棉花交易所, 纽约证券交易所, 翠贝卡, 达科他大厦, 纽约大学, 川普大楼, 纽约公交博物馆, 纽约水族馆, 林肯艺术表演中心,纽约, 布莱恩公园, 第五大道, 哥伦布圆环, 自由女神像, 三一教堂, 炮台公园

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