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Escape reality with On Location Tours, New York City's only TV and movie tour company! Take a tour past the doorsteps of your favorite television and movie characters and real-life celebrities. Straddle fiction and reality while you shop, eat, drink, and dance at the sites you've seen on both the big and small screens.

On Location Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

纽约中央车站, 纽约天空之旅, Madina Masjid, 纽约大学, 纽约水族馆, 格林威治村, 纽约小意大利城, HERE Arts Center, The Pool NYC, 中央公园, 毕士达露台和喷泉, 中央公园沃尔曼溜冰场, 峭石之巅观景台, 洛克菲勒中心, 第五大道, 第34街, 帝国大厦, 上西区, 哥伦布圆环, 广场酒店, 达科他大厦, 曼哈頓大桥, 大中央车站, 时代广场, 纽约公共图书馆, Firehouse, Hook and Ladder No. 8

On Location Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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