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Central Park Pedicabs are exclusively dedicated to Central Park Sightseeing Tours on pedicabs/Rickshaws and committed to provide you with the best pedicab services in your Central Park / NYC visit. Central Park Pedicabs will take you in a sightseeing ride experience to discover the park from its early origins to the present day. Our Pedicab Tour Guides and expert drivers will take you in a journey that you will never forget, Central Park "The Open Air Museum,” is an oasis that no only wonders with its nature, it also delights with his architecture, art, and history. Since 2006, Central Park Sightseeing Tours on Pedicabs are our specialty!

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中央公园, 草莓甸, 毕士达露台和喷泉, 中央公园沃尔曼溜冰场, 中央公园池塘, 广场酒店, 达科他大厦, 眺望台城堡, 莎士比亚花园, 时代广场, 峭石之巅观景台, 布莱恩公园, 纽约中央车站, 克莱斯勒大厦, 第五大道, 圣巴特里爵主教座堂 (纽约), 纽约天空之旅, 纽约游艇俱乐部, 每日经济新闻大厦, 第42街, 大中央车站

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