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Egypt inbound Travel & Tailor-made Tour operator is a member of the Egyptian Tourist Board, established 2008 in Cairo by Mr. Mohamed Marghany, now Egypty Tours is one of the leading tour operators and travel agencies in Egypt. Nile Valley Travel is here to here to suit all holidays and travel needs whether you need tour packages, airline tickets, coach tours, railway tickets, hotels, car rental, etc, either on a personal or business trip. We are very proud of the service we offer to our clients, building a good reputation in the market for reliabilty an trust through quality service with the best value. Throughout our offices and with international representation we make sure that we cover all our client needs. We provide an emergency line available 24 hours, so you can always reach us if you have any last minute or sudden request or if you encounter any unpleasant situation. We are the local sightseeing experts, offering a wide range of daily tours that cover all of Egypt's well-known attractions. Our tours are always guided by a professional egyptologist guide and include all transfers by car or coach with air conditioning and all entrance fees. We know that your leisure time is important to you, therefore we designed our tours to ensure that you have all the time you need at each attraction, so you can fully appreciate it and enjoy your experience. Nile Valley Travel is a name you trust for impeccable service, high quality tours and value for money! Our range of products includes the following: Scheduled sightseeing tours Full and half day tours of our capital city, and full day sightseeing tours to many other popular destinations. Evening Tours Indulge yourself in a luxury dinner cruise. Attractions We provide our customers with fast-track entry tickets to all of the Egypt’s major attractions, giving you immediate entry and saving you time waiting in a long line to purchase tickets. There are no hidden charges. Day Trips and City Breaks To Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El-Sheikh, Abu Simbel etc. Private Car / Coach Transfers with Air Conditioning Including airport and all other transfers with a representative. Customised Private Trips Fill in our form or send us an email tofind an option that fit all your requirements. *All offices of Nile Valley Travel head office and branches in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Sharm El Sheikh are linked together, so that we are able to communicate locally and worldwide fast and accurately, following up with details, reservations, reports, and daily activities to guarantee maximum satisfaction to our clients. Our VisionThroughout the enormous number of organisations in this business, we chose to stand out and be distinguished from our competition because we are ready to compromise in everything but Quality. Our MissionOur mission is to provide quality and excellence service to our customers, with the commitment for absolute customer satisfaction. leading to a mutually, beneficial lifelong relationship. Our experienced representatives understand the value of communication so that they can fulfill all our client's needs. This understanding allows us to serve our clients better as well as our business partners becoming part in achieving everybody's individual and business goals. Getting clients happily and safely to their destinations and back home is only half the job we seek to provide, as we truly appreciate the value of customer satisfaction. Let's make it together, let us take you to wonderful monuments of Cairo, cruise the Nile by night or day on a typical Felucca followed by lunch or dinner on an authentic Egyptian restaurant, or simply walk through the Old Cairo, observing its medieval houses, mosques, schools and cemeteries. Let us show you a different Egypt in a different way.

Nile Valley Travel提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

孟菲斯, 塞加拉, 埃及古迹博物馆, 开罗老城区, 开罗城堡, 人头狮身像, 亚历山大图书馆, 圣凯瑟琳修道院, 阿布辛贝神庙, 加奈加里里, 圣芭芭拉教堂, 本·依兹拉犹太会堂, 悬空教堂, 帝王谷, 卢克索神庙, 凯尔奈克神庙, 卡夫拉金字塔, 吉萨金字塔, 胡夫大金字塔(胡夫), 左塞尔金字塔, 穆罕默德•阿里清真寺, 穆罕默德·阿里·帕夏清真寺, 开罗歌剧院, 伊斯兰开罗

Nile Valley Travel在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

亚历山大, 吉萨, 开罗, 卢克索, 阿斯旺, 法尤姆, 塞得港

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