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NICETRAVEL was founded in 2012 by three Icelandic families with the aim of helping visitors to Iceland to enjoy a nice and enjoyable experience. Having travelled extensively ourselves to many parts of the world, we have discovered that we prefer travel services that are supplied with a personal touch and that is what we aim to give our customers.We offer 12 different tours all around the year. We also operate NICECARRENTAL, a car rental service catering for the different needs of customers visiting Iceland that want to experience the country on their own. Please check the website for further details. We can also offer our customers the possibility of staying in a Luxury Apartment in the Centre of Reykjavik through our NICEAPARTMENTS service. All our services are of course fully licenced and approved by the appropriate Icelandic authorities. As you can see from the above BEING NICE is our motto ☺ When visiting our fair country you will hopefully also discover that ICELAND is in fact a very NICELAND!


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