New York City Photo Safari 4评论

There's more than meets the eye in New York City. But perfect for the camera lens. From Times Square to Central Park, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Battery Park, New York Photo Safaris are one-of-kind photography classes designed for small groups & individuals who want to learn how to capture the life and allure that's distinctly the Big Apple. While using New York City as both backdrop and classroom, these photography workshops provide unique photographic opportunities to sharpen your photography skills and capture memories for a lifetime. Groups are small, so you’ll get hands on instruction from an experienced professional. These classes are also a great way to go on a Safari Manhattan style. New York City Photo Safaris are similar to walking tours with an added bonus of a photography class. Beginning your NYC vacation with New York Photo Safari is a wonderful way to take a tour of the city and take home skills and memories that last a lifetime. Pack your cameras and sign-up for a New York City Photo Safari today!

New York City Photo Safari提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

毕士达露台和喷泉, 中央公园, 大都会艺术博物馆, 时代广场, 帝国大厦, 纽约公共图书馆, 布莱恩公园, 大中央车站

New York City Photo Safari在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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