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Discover Naples and Amalfi Coast as you've never seen before on a vintage Vespa or Fiat 500/Fiat 600 in the company of a friendly and experienced guide! Choose your tour and have un unforgettable experience with NapolinVespa! NapolinVespa is a young and fresh company born from the creativity of two young Neapolitan deeply in love with their city. NapolinVespa is the first Vespa Tour "made ​​in Naples". Aboard vintage Vespas and vintage Fiat 500 and Fiat 600, the goal of each tour is to make the visitor Napuletano for one day walking through the culture, history, art, folklore, legends and daily life that wrap around the Bay of Naples, from the city to the Campi Flegrei and the Amalfi Coast. The attention to detail reveals the love for the city and passion for work and makes NapolinVespa a tour operator at the highest level for those who want to be lulled through the wonders of Naples.

NapolinVespa Tour提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

坎皮佛莱格瑞, 圣多梅尼科马焦雷教堂, 但丁广场, 贝里尼广场, Port'Alba, 新耶稣教堂, Spaccanapoli, 鸡蛋城堡, 圣塞维罗礼拜堂, 翁贝托一世长廊, Via dei Tribunali, 蛋堡, 维吉尔公园, 圣嘉勒圣殿 (那不勒斯), Chiesa e Chiostro di San Gregorio Armeno, 波西利波, Purgatorio ad Arco, 保罗圣芳济圣殿, Marechiaro, 圣埃莫堡, 平民表决广场, 圣玛蒂诺修道院, 那不勒斯皇宫, 那不勒斯新城堡, 那不勒斯圣查尔斯皇家大剧院, 沃梅罗山

NapolinVespa Tour在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

那不勒斯, 阿马尔菲

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