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My Tour specializes in tours that bring people to Tuscany from other areas of Italy and many other countries around the world. We offer private and regular tours in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and many other languages, our professional guides and driving escorts can create original itineraries for our guests and our reliable drivers will take guests anywhere they like with our cars, vans or buses. We offer shuttle service for hotels, parties and special events. For our clients we arrange special Palio packages and other activities such as wine tastings, horseback riding excursions, bike excursions, hot air ballooning over Tuscany, cooking classes etc.

My Tour Tuscany Experts提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

比萨斜塔, 米开朗琪罗广场, 新圣母玛利亚教堂, 奇迹广场, 佛罗伦萨主教座堂广场, 乌菲兹美术馆, 韦奇奥桥(旧桥), 皮蒂宫, 西尼约里亚广场, 共和广场, 圣克罗齐大教堂, 奥尔特拉诺, 托斯卡纳 d’Orcia 山谷, 美第奇-里卡迪宫, Fortezza da Basso, 圣马可广场, 自由广场, 米开朗基罗《大卫》雕像, 佛罗伦萨学院画廊, 圣马可广场, 道奇宫, 叹息桥, 佛罗伦萨圣若望洗礼堂, 圣米尼亚托大殿, 威尼斯钟楼, 威尼斯泻湖

My Tour Tuscany Experts在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

佛罗伦萨, 基安蒂山, 锡耶纳, 圣吉米纳诺, 比萨城, 卢卡小镇, 蒙达奇诺, 蒙特普齐亚诺, 蒙特卡蒂尼奥拓, 科尔托纳, 佩鲁贾, 阿西西, 威尼斯, 利沃诺, 马拉内罗

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