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Lisbon on Wheels Tours is a company with proven expertise in tourism for small groups that are seeking active travel adventures. Our employees show excelent professionalism. It is our goal to propose you a full range of routes that will offer you the opportunity to explore curiosities and wonders of Portugal, from the coast to the interior of the country, enjoying the warm weather and the sun. We offer several types of packs, all designed to lead to the discovery of Portugal depending on your budget.

Lisbon on Wheels提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

罗卡角, 佩纳宫, 摩尔人城堡, Guincho Beach 海滩, 辛特拉宫, 奎露兹皇宫, 阿拉比迪国家公园, 四月二十五日大桥, Cabo Espichel, 埃尔瓦什区, 雷加莱拉宫, 阿尔法玛, 奥古斯塔街, Mourari区

Lisbon on Wheels在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

里斯本, 辛特拉, 卡斯凯斯, 埃斯托利尔, 塞图巴尔区, 帕尔梅拉

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