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At Legion Travel & Tours, we strive to provide our customers with the very best service in tourism industry today. We are officially license holder from ministry of tourism Malaysia and an active member of Malaysian Association of tour & travel agent (MATTA). We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our expertise. Our greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel. Ever since the company is established Legion Travel & Tours has concentrated its efforts in producing quality travel, responding to the needs of the times while anticipating the demands of the future. Value Added Traveling at affordable prices is our specialty. Tours are designed for travelers looking for the fullest travel experience at a great price value.

Legion Travel & Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

双子星塔, 双威水上乐园, 吉隆坡塔, 黑风洞, 吉隆坡火车站, 吉隆坡国家纪念碑, 吉隆坡鸟园, 吉隆坡湖滨公园, 独立广场, 乐圣岭天后宫, KLCC 公园, 国家皇宫, 苏丹阿都沙末大厦

Legion Travel & Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

吉隆坡, 八打灵再也市, 马六甲市

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