La Casa de la Seda

‘La Casa de la Seda’ (The House of Silk) is the only guild house in Barcelona open to the public with regular visits from Monday to Saturday. It also has beautiful rooms to celebrate all kind of events. With more than 300 years behind, both the exterior and the interior of the house boast elegance and solemnity up to the historic splendor and social representation guild members reached during the eighteenth century, its most brilliant period. The House of Silk is a must do in Barcelona due to several reasons: - Privileged location in the heart of Barcelona - Library with 16th century documents and parchments - Lovely silk lined walls - Great architectonic and artistic value - A fascinating history behind it. It is not surprising the House of Silk was declared to be National Cultural Heritage in 1919 and won the Gold Medal of the City of Barcelona in 1929. The Art of Silk Association headquarters were admired by everyone and today we have the chance to enjoy its coveted legacy.

La Casa de la Seda在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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