Jinga Experience - Rio de Janeiro Tours

Come experience the beauty of Rio de Janeiro in ways only locals can. Explore the largest urban forest in the world; hike to the highest peaks; jump in the waterfalls; swim in the paradise beaches; be immersed into the local communities; enjoy a classy day in the city center; learn to move your feet in an interactive samba and percussion class; cook the most delicious Brazilian dishes; see the city from the nearby islands; and more! These are the experiences we look for when we travel.

Jinga Experience - Rio de Janeiro Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

依帕内玛, 科帕卡巴纳海滩, 休格洛夫山, 明日博物馆, 尼泰罗伊, 罗西尼亚贫民窟, 维迪加尔贫民窟, 迪居甲国家公园, 中华亭, 里约热内卢市剧院, 里约热内卢圣特雷莎, Selarón阶梯, 巴西国家图书馆, 救世基督像, 科尔科瓦多湾, 克力欧卡水道桥, 拉帕邻里区, 列布隆, 弗林门戈公园, 巴拉达帝茹卡区, 桑巴大道

Jinga Experience - Rio de Janeiro Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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