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Italy Segway Tours has become the largest Segway Tour company in Italy since 2005. Not only do we offer Segway Tours, but we also created the first Cruiser Bike Tours in Italy in 2008 and the Florence Tasting Agency in 2007. In addition to our tours we offer Food & Wine Tasting experiences. After guiding thousands of travelers through Florence, Rome and Milan, we know that we have offered them with the best orientation and simply a great time. Our staff have been carefully selected to satisfy all of your needs and to make you and your family live a fun and interesting moment, but nevertheless an unforgettable experience!!!!!

Italy Segway Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

梵蒂冈城, 圣彼得大教堂, 古罗马广场, 斗兽场, 特雷维喷泉, 圆形竞技场, 新门, 卡比多利欧广场, 帕拉蒂尼山, 卡比托利欧山, 真理之口, 乔托钟楼, 圣克罗齐大教堂, 西尼约里亚广场, 共和广场, 米兰大教堂, 先贤祠, 罗马鲜花广场, 罗马犹太区, 乌菲兹美术馆, 奥尔特拉诺, 斯福尔扎古堡, Via Dante, 森皮奥内公园, 商人广场, 布雷拉区, 圣母百花大教堂, 佛罗伦萨圣若望洗礼堂, 圣米尼亚托大殿, 纳沃纳广场, 西班牙大台阶, 帝国论坛, 哈德良神庙, 圣母大殿, 蒙蒂, 韦奇奥桥(旧桥), 纳维利区, 提契诺门, Vicolo dei Lavandai, 大教堂歌剧博物馆, 佛罗伦萨圣神大殿, 皮蒂宫, 米开朗琪罗广场, 维克多-埃曼纽博物馆综合体, 威尼斯广场, 维托里奥•伊曼纽尔二世纪念碑, 维托里亚诺, 台伯河, 韦奇奥宫(佛罗伦萨市政厅), 五百人大厅

Italy Segway Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

罗马, 米兰, 佛罗伦萨

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