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We offer private sightseeing tours in Berlin and Potsdam. The idea behind Humboldt Tours Berlin is to organise local guides caring for small groups. All our tour guides were either born in Berlin or have been living here at least ten years. All of them have an academic degree, mostly in history. They know the city because it is their home place. We customize our tours according to the interests of the traveller. The guide you get is your very personal conversation partner - and much more.

Humboldt Tours Berlin GmbH提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

希特勒地堡, 伦茨劳贝格区, 苏联战争纪念碑, 柏林故事博物馆, 柏林墙纪念馆, 柏林墙, 泪宫, 查理检查哨, 弗里德里希大街, 西林霍夫宫, 德国国会大厦, 博物馆岛, 恐怖地形图, 御林广场, 勃兰登堡门, 柏林THE GATE

Humboldt Tours Berlin GmbH在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

柏林, 波茨坦, 罗斯托克

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