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Group 3 offers it's helicopter flight seeing Los Angeles, California. Get a bird's eye view of Los Angeles with star studded Hollywood Hills and Malibu surf beaches; more than just a city – it’s a one-of-a-kind destination! L.A. has it all, showbiz, the arts, sports, nightlife, fine dining, stunning architecture, natural beauty and year-round sunshine! Group 3 Aviation is family owned and operated since 1993. The owners are passionate about aviation and most importantly safety. From the sensation of lift-off to the excitement of soaring above either of our destinations; your helicopter flight with us will be a unique and spectacular experience you will always remember.

Group 3 Aviation提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

杜比剧院, 好莱坞山, 好莱坞地标, 罗迪欧大道, 好莱坞大道, 日落大道(洛杉矶), 中国戏院, 比佛利山, 威尼斯海滩, 太平洋海岸公路 - 路线1, 威尼斯街区, 威尼斯码头, 圣莫尼卡, 好莱坞环球影城, Sunset Strip, 玛丽安德尔湾

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