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Kurban Tours is part of the Kurban Group, that is very active in the field of travel, tourism and transport, as it constantly strived to develop itself in Lebanon, the Emirates and Oman through new investments and acquisitions. Commitment to quality, creativity and adaptability in all the services has given the KURBAN group a solid reputation in its field that has been growing for over 60 years. The multitude of services Kurban Group offers as a rich synergic entity of combined efforts is the basis of its reliability. Today, the Group stands with a stronger vision towards the future, as the Kurban Group family members ensure a multi corporation management style.

Gray Line Emirates提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

滨海路, 奇迹花园, 迪拜河, 亚斯岛, 古城扎耶德购物中心, 苏格艾赫拉斯, 迪拜帆船酒店, 朱美拉清真寺, 迪拜博物馆, 巴斯塔基亚老城, 大清真寺, 迪拜黄金市场, 阿法迪城堡, 迪拜香料市场, 巴斯塔基亚区, 哈利法塔, 迪拜购物中心, 谢赫穆罕默德文化理解中心, 迪拜世界, 迪拜室内跳伞中心水族馆和水下动物园, 迪拜音乐喷泉, 迪拜码头, 迪拜滨海大道, 棕榈岛, 棕榈岛, 新月(迪拜), 酋长宫殿

Gray Line Emirates在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

迪拜, 阿布扎比, 沙迦, 艾恩绿洲

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