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Here at GoSeek Adventures our mission is to bridge the gap between travelers and the real Italy. We want to break down the barriers caused by language, unreliable or infrequent train, bus and ferry connections and lack of information. Most importantly, we want to invite you to discover an Italy that goes beyond headliners like the Colosseum, David, Vatican or Last Supper – an Italy where nature, history and legend combine in areas of incredible beauty. Each place has its own story to tell, and will open the door to an Italy that has long been shut at the major sightseeing stops. Become a seeker, and join us on an adventure to the heart of authentic Italy. All GoSeek Adventures are powered by EcoArt Travel: an Italy-based tour operator promoting unique and extraordinary ways to promote the peninsula and beyond. EcoArt is supported by an enthusiastic team of travelers who aim to bring fresh perspective to your travel experience.

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